AMEPOS Subscription started in India.

The Cloud-based AMEPOS Software, designed exclusively to serve Retails and Restaurants

has started its Subscriptions throughout India with advanced features. These advanced

features provide the Merchants / Business owners with the means to serve their customers

in a practical, productive manner, all the while collecting data that can be used to make

important business decisions.

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 6 Applications launched in the market.

A total of 6 Applications have been launched as a bundled package in the market namely,

AME Cashier, AME Admin panel, AME Vendor app, AME Sales app, AME E-com (Mobile),

AME Drop. Each of these products have their own features ranging from keying in the

menus and all the way to automated auditing. Four mobile applications are available in Play

Store & two Web applications can be accessed through AMEPOS website.

1. AME Cashier —

2. AME Admin panel —

3. AME Vendor —

4. AME Sales —

5. AME E-com —

6. AME Drop —

 Clients / Businesses can avail free trial from the website.

The business owners can avail free trial from the website. This level of transparency

contributes to a better customer satisfaction rate.

Website Link:

 QR code ordering system for “Contactless Engagements”.

The idea of a QR code ordering system came into place as a solution to the complications faced by the business owners due to the global pandemic. This system eases their burden and allows their customers to place contactless orders and make both cashless and contactless payments.

 Global AMEPOS Subscriptions to start from Q4 2021.

AMEPOS is planning on venturing into multiple markets across different regions globally.

 Global Ambassador Program

AMEPOS has set in motion the new AMBASSADOR Program, planning for the future and reinventing strategies to motivate and engage sales force in an ever-changing world.

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