📢New Token Listing Announcement 📢

Koinbazar will list AME chain (AME) on USDT, INR Markets and open trading for AME/USDT, AME/INR market pairs at 11:30 AM (UTC) on 6th February, 2023.

What is Ame Chain (AME)?

AME Chain is the world’s first and only Quantum secured Blockchain that provides unconditional security and prepares for the era of Quantum computing. It uses laser-based quantum source to secure its cryptography, hashing and digital signatures.

Website Link -> https://www.amechain.io/

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Exciting news!

We are thrilled to announce that staking is now live on our platform. Users can now earn rewards for holding and staking their $AME. With staking, not only do you support the growth and security of our network, but you also have the opportunity to earn even more.

Upgrade the version to 2.0.8 of the AME wallet app from Play store & App store.

Flexible Staking — 5% APR — No Lock-in period

Lock-in Staking — 12% APR — 365 days Lock-in period

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and start staking today!



Check out the latest Roadmap of AME Chain.

Our project is moving forward, and our roadmap reflects that change!

AME Chain network provides a Quantum secured and scalable platform for dApp development and deployment. Build on the existing AME Chain ecosystem, or integrate Quantum security into your technology stack.

Let’s stay connected and aim higher.



Quantum Blockchain build trust without the need for trusted third parties. This disintermediation helps to streamline operations and saves time & money. Through the use of smart contracts, manual labor can be automated and tasks become programmable.

For more details visit: https://amechain.io/



AME Chain

A fast and secure decentralized digital asset ledger that is EVM compatible with high performance and scalability.